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You are interested by ecology and protection of the environment and you like to travel ?

In a short term mission, you can use your technicals competencies like informatic, audiovisual and graphism

If you plan to stay longer time you can get involve in our projects using your knowledge about agronomy, commerce and pedagogy.

Contact us for more informations

Send us an email to explain your motivations, why you want to work with us, the lenght of your volunteering, the starting date of your mission, and your curiculum and we will answer as fast as possible.

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Testimonies of previous volonteers


Civic service from february to april 2017 I wanted to do a civic service in a foreign country after my studies (master on management of sustainable development) to work in the associative world and discover a new country. I was very interested in the protection of...


Civic service from february to april 2017 My short stay at Vivre de sa Terre has been a wonderful experience, I learnt a lot of things. I worked in the field with the farmers and also decided to start my own project and created an herbarium for the organisation. We...

Violette, service civique

de février à avril 2017 - "Ce service civique à changer ma vie"   J'aime le riz. J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le riz.J'aime le...

Transparent financing

  • Donation of individuals and small companies 50%
  • Donation of fondation 30%
  • Grants 20%

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What we believe

To give a chance to young Cambodians to believe in a real future as farmers, Vivre de sa Terre defends two basic rights -living decently on one’s land and healthy nutrition.

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What we do

Vivre de sa Terre seeks to design tailor-made services which make sensein the Cambodian rural context. Our help is based on research, training and entrepreneurship.

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Where we work

Battambang is the 1st Cambodian agricultural province, called «rice granary of the country». Vivre de sa Terre’s actions grow to northwest of the country thanks to the help of farmers and partners.

The people we work with

Our work in based on trust relationships with the farmers and local actors. Later on, we want them to take over from us the work of teaching agroecology.

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