Agroecology at the service of Khmer farmers

Founded in July 2014, Vivre de sa Terre is a French association of agricultural services.  We actively support Cambodian farmers and take part in sustainable rural development in Northwestern Cambodia.

To start with, its founders shared the everyday life of Cambodian farmers for one year in Banan district, to understand and study farming practices and ways of thinking.

Established in Battambang, Vivre de sa Terre is promoting agroecology as an efficient mean to improve the living conditions of farmers in a sustainable way. The franco-cambodian staff of Vivre de sa Terre is creating efficient and appropriate services to fulfill the needs of the farmers. In order to improve the effects and the visibility of its action, Vivre de sa Terre is affiliated to  ALISEA (Agroecology Learning Alliance).

Chivet ning Dey is the local structure of Vivre de sa Terre in Cambodia.

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Local Research and farmer Innovation

Developing agroecology in Cambodia requires accurate knowledge of the ecosystems in the Mekong region. Vivre de sa Terre contributes to stimulate applied research focused on this emerging discipline by organizing studies and experiments to design efficient cropping systems adapted to small-scale farmers.

Training and capacity building

Capacity building of students, farmers and technicians is a most important issue to implement agroecology. Vivre de sa Terre designs training materials in Khmer and disseminates scientific and technical knowledges in agroecology to facilitate access to knowledge. In November 2017, Vivre de sa Terre will begin a two years post-baccalaureate training for students who want to become qualified technicians in agroecology.

Social Entrepreneurship and technical support

To use value-added ecosystems based on productive capacity is an effective way to develop profitable farming. Vivre de sa Terre supports the initiatives of farmers and local organizations by providing technical support to empower Cambodians of socio-economic dependencies.


As a science of sustainable agriculture, agroecology consists of improving ecosystems’ productive potential by adapting crops to their environment. This approach mobilizes ecosystem’s biological processes  to turn them into production factors. Learn more about agroecology

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Vivre de sa Terre is a French association of agricultural services that actively supports Cambodian farmers and takes part in sustainable rural development in Northwestern Cambodia. We need you !