Civic service from february to april 2017

I wanted to do a civic service in a foreign country after my studies (master on management of sustainable development) to work in the associative world and discover a new country. I was very interested in the protection of environment. Vivre de sa Terre was exactly what I was looking for because it help farmers by giving them agroecological knowledges.

During my volunteering, I worked mainly at the office but I could also go to the field several times to meet cambodian farmers. Even if it was not easy to speak with them, I manage to help (planting seeds, pricking out plants, building compost pot, picking fruits..). It was very interesting to learn about agroecological methods and even more to use them with the farmers. I really liked that I could share my time between the office and the field. Regarding my work at the office, I mostly worked on the creation of a new website. It was related to my past experience and it will be great for my curriculum.

My 3 months stay made me discover a new culture very different from ours and  learn basic khmer language thanks to the work with cambodians. It was also an opportunity to travel. A great experience !

I advise anyone who wants to get a good professional experience, improve skills and discover something new to volunteer !


You too, become a volunteer